A bit about me

This is my first ever post. I’m both nervous and excited to start this blog, and hope to keep myself anonymous for as long as possible.

Despite my wish to keep my actual identity a secret, here’s a bit about me for context:

I am a 20-something year old female from a medium-sized city in Ontario, Canada. I am in a committed relationship with an amazing man who tries his best to understand my schedule and my job. I have 2 cats and a very supportive family.

I graduated with a BScN in June 2018. I passed the NCLEX in late June of 2018, and was hired as an Registered Nurse on the Medicine Unit of one of my local hospitals in October of 2018. After 6 months of working part-time, I was offered a full-time position on my unit. I will start my full-time rotation later this month. It was really quick, but I’m so excited to be full-time very soon!

My dreams for the future are simple. I want to get married, live with my man, and have lots of kids. I feel like that’s a pretty common answer to the “dreams” question for a young nurse. As for my career, I want to get into Emergency nursing. In nursing school, I was placed in the ER for my final placement and I fell in love with the environment. In the much farther future, I am open to the idea of becoming a Nurse Practitioner at some point, or entering into more of a “resource”/charge nurse or management role.

My plan for this blog is to tell my story, share my feelings, and offer advice where I can. In the last few months of working my first RN job, I have learned so much more than I ever thought I would in nursing school. I plan on doing detailed posts about the things I’ve learned, in the hopes of helping someone else like me. Thanks for reading, I appreciate your support!


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